My reality’s a bit flat

I spent some time in Hammersmith yesterday waiting for the latest accounting contestant to audition in my own little Britain’s Got Calculators show, and found myself looking for interesting bums to pass the time. As you do.

I only had five minutes so this is the best I could do. It’s not really that interesting as far as photos go, but I thought it was a good representation of dreams and reality. That is, one of these bums is how I would like mine to fill out a pair of jeans, the other is more like the reality. Where’s a bum implant or two when you need it? Maybe I should just learn from his wallet trick. Certainly adds bulk that does.

Since that was a bit of a boring Street Bum, I thought I’d include a bonus shot. Right before contestant number three stood in front of my lense and blocked the view, I managed to snap this. Two worlds, same city.

We’re all just trying to get to the other side


Super Duper Important Question of the Day…

I may not be the most observant of fashion followers but I have seen this look three times now this summer, so god help us all, it must be a new trend. This particular example was on the Isle of Wight, in a place called Ventnor. They were having their annual August street parade, but surprisingly this girl wasn’t in costume.

My super duper important question of the day then is – does anyone on the entire planet think this look is actually attractive or am I officially getting old?