The World’s Busiest Unemployed Bum

Well, busy I may be, but efficient I am not. It’s now been four months since I quit my job and although I have plenty to do to fill my time, I’m not exactly rolling in job prospects. All my fault of course, “working” from home is a mine field of distractions and now that winter has arrived, dark and cold mornings make it harder to fight the urge to stay in bed  “just a biiiiiit longer”. Luckily I have a kitten to make sure sleeping in past 8am is impossible.

So what have I actually done in these four months? Let’s see if I can justify myself.

I have had two photography jobs, one I’ve spoken about and was for a team at work. The second was a baptism, but since this was for a girl who used to work with me, again I’m not really reeling in the customers am I? It was a good practise though, and even though I was pretty much winging it, I think some of the shots came out well, thank bloody god.

16-DSC_38061-DSC_3368 (1280x854)


1-DSC_3408 (1280x854)

Then I twisted the arm of another guy from work and hijacked his little girl for an hour. Again it was good practise. I have no kids around me and am not what you would call good with them, so it gave me an insight into what photographing kids would entail. The poor thing was pretty scared of me and the big black contraption strapped to my neck for the first half hour, so her expression illustrates that fear nicely. Continue reading

Since when is snot gender specific?

Marketing. Advertising. Publicity. Packaging. Copy. All of these things are designed to entice us to buy a product. People get paid by a company to tell them how to do all the above to achieve the highest possible sales.

Mmmm hmm. Ok. And?

Sometimes it’s a fascinating mixture of psychology, stereotyping, manipulation and media saturation (check out a show called The Gruen Transfer if you’re in Oz, if it still runs) but other times I’m left to simply scratch my head and ask “Really people?Really?”

As I was doing my online order yesterday, I searched under tissues. And this is what I saw.

Can you actually read that? Look underneath Kleenex. See it? “Mansize”.

Hazzakazzawaaa? Why? Since when did it become so unmanly to blow your nose that marketing groups needed to find a way to make it acceptable? Are men being ridiculed for pulling out a tissue? Should they be doing the old sports trick of closing one nostril at a time and blowing hard so their mucous flies out onto the playing field, or a strategically placed bin if they have some manners? Continue reading

The New You

I’ve just noticed something. If you pick up just about any magazine type publication lately, it won’t take too much flipping till you are educated with “the new”.

Everything these days has to be labelled the new something or other. Forty is the new thirty. Kate is the new Diana. No reservations is the new only reservations. Beer is the new wine. Thyme is the new rosemary. Pale is the new tan (really??).Three quarter jackets are the new blazers. Croatia is the new Spain. Girls is the new Sex and the City. I could go on… but I really need to pee. Continue reading