Nonsensical Dictionary

Below is a dictionary which may or may not give reason and meaning to the nonsense words and phrases found throughout this blog.

Dandenong – South Eastern suburb in Melbourne where I went to school. It’s well known for its crime and delinquency rates and after the government announced a “baby bonus” payout to encourage population growth, it quickly became the teen mother capital of Victoria.

Ephelant – intentional misspelling of Elephant.

Good Onya – Australian version of “Good on you”, usually said with derision when you’ve done or said something stupid. Works best when rolled together as one word and finished off with a frown and one lip curled up.

Hazacazawhaaaa? – catchphrase of Jerry Blank from “Strangers with Candy”. No idea how many a’s are supposed to be in that. It means WTF?

Of the Nation – following any word ending in “tion” with the words “of the nation” just because it rhymes.

Oopsadentally  – ok yes fine, it’s a nonsense word, but really, you couldn’t figure that one out?? You had to go to the Nonsnensical dictionary??

The Girl Who – evidence of my inability to spit out the word “girlfriend” by using all sorts of other descriptions which might also allude to her role in my life.

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