I’m an Australian living in the UK. I started this blog in August 2012 when I voluntarily chucked in my job to join the unemployment queue for a year, after discovering I had what I thought was IBS but I slowly figured out is more to do with stress and the effect that has on your gut – which is pretty much what IBS is, but anyhoo..

Since this is not a fairy tale, I didn’t manage to figure out how to live the life I want to live. But I’ll get there eventually. I’m just a bit slower than your regular pain in the arse high achiever.

A fair chunk of this is just silly nonsense, a tiny bit of this is about IBS, a lot is about life as an ex-pat and some is my attempts at a new career. So something for everyone, yes?

I don’t write on here at the moment (although I miss it) but I have other blogs:

What did Nat Think Of It – mostly film reviews, again written in my endearingly (hah!) facetious fashion. 

De Winter Retreat – travel stories from Italy and other places as soon as I manage to get to them.

Stuff Edinburgh – all about the cool stuff to do, eat and drink in my new home town.

If that’s too much to keep track of, I’ve just joined Twatter. I mean Twitter. Follow me if you like. I’d like to pretend I’m popular @NattyChatty


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