The World’s Busiest Unemployed Bum

Well, busy I may be, but efficient I am not. It’s now been four months since I quit my job and although I have plenty to do to fill my time, I’m not exactly rolling in job prospects. All my fault of course, “working” from home is a mine field of distractions and now that winter has arrived, dark and cold mornings make it harder to fight the urge to stay in bed  “just a biiiiiit longer”. Luckily I have a kitten to make sure sleeping in past 8am is impossible.

So what have I actually done in these four months? Let’s see if I can justify myself.

I have had two photography jobs, one I’ve spoken about and was for a team at work. The second was a baptism, but since this was for a girl who used to work with me, again I’m not really reeling in the customers am I? It was a good practise though, and even though I was pretty much winging it, I think some of the shots came out well, thank bloody god.

16-DSC_38061-DSC_3368 (1280x854)


1-DSC_3408 (1280x854)

Then I twisted the arm of another guy from work and hijacked his little girl for an hour. Again it was good practise. I have no kids around me and am not what you would call good with them, so it gave me an insight into what photographing kids would entail. The poor thing was pretty scared of me and the big black contraption strapped to my neck for the first half hour, so her expression illustrates that fear nicely.

09-DSC_3847 (1280x854)15-DSC_3856 (1280x854)33-DSC_3894 (1280x854)81-DSC_4051 (1280x854)39-DSC_3914 (1280x838)

I also had a day’s tutorial with a local photographer and he made me realise winging it is not going to work much longer and I’ve basically bought all the kit of an amateur who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Well… if the shoe fits. So I’m booked onto an introductory course at the London School of Photography in a couple of weeks to see if I can actually learn how a camera works when I turn off the automatic settings. Since I’m at an age where my attention span is about five minutes and my brain cells are severely depleted, leaving learning new things a special challenge, this should be hilarious. Actually what I can’t wait to start learning is the editing bit, but first thing’s first I guess.

My photography website is coming along, albeit at a procrastinating pace, so since being able to find me in cyberspace is a whole lot easier than going door to door and asking if anyone living there is a photographer, I’m quietly confident that once that’s up customers may start a-ringing.

Hopefully they won’t read this blog first.

As you may be able to tell from the Planet Ivy posts, I’ve started writing for Planet Ivy too. That’s fun, me likey, but again it’s unpaid, so not helping with the unemployed bum part. But hey, I’m now officially a published writer, so I should be able to use it to my advantage somewhere. I’m also starting a new blog very very soon with the devastatingly clever title of What Did Nat Think of It? This will be mostly movie reviews, but since I’ve been so clever with the title, I could throw in practically anything couldn’t I?

So, see… I’m being productive, I’m enjoying doing all of this stuff which is earning me no money and as a friend said, I am on the right path. I just have to hope there’s a money tree somewhere along the side of this path before my savings run out.

So what do you think, did that work? Am I justified? Or do I need a rocket up my unemployed bum?

3 thoughts on “The World’s Busiest Unemployed Bum

  1. Justification unnecessary, but self-analysis is almost always useful, and IM(ever so)HO you are doing great things – namely those that interest you. By the modest but increasing readership and posts of encouragement your musings are interesting and insightful to others and you have always had an outstanding eye for composition, so I have no doubt that the photography will also segue into a viable business. It is a rare thing indeed to be bold enough (and able) to strike out on ones’ own and be successful – or at least self-sustaining – and I believe you could be both.
    Motivational speech endeth here….. 😉

    • Fark Glenn. Have you been in the US too long, been to one too many inspirational life seminars 🙂 Thank you. Seriously, no smart arse intentions in that last sentence. You are now a shoe-in for the week at the villa 😉 Oh and yeah I loved the autumn leaves shots. It’s funny though, as far as families go, I’m learning all they want is the posed group shots (which I don’t like too much myself) so I do the other ones just for my “art” lol. And yeah the leaves was my favourite one. Just rammed up the contrast and the colours looked cool.

  2. BTW, love the green coat against fall leaves shot, and the baby portrait (2nd from top) is amazing; perfectly lit and nicely color balanced

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