Think the weather in Edinburgh is shite? What’s this then, hey?

I’m still busy writing about all things Puglia, but I thought I’d stop by The Bum Diaries quickly to record a very important event in Edinburgh; the sun came out. Twice.


photo (30)

So when it happened again I got all outdoorsy and climbed a hill (Arthur’s Seat)…


That’s not me by the way…


Arthur’s Seat is great because you can pretend you’ve done some major hiking on the other side by taking shots like this which make it look like you’re deep in the wilderness…


And what better way to end a sunny day than visit a beach (Portabello) and have a beer?


That’s still not me, but don’t worry, I do know her. It’s not some random tourist I stalked around Edinburgh all day.


Ah… yeah, that’s my kitten… how did that get in there…

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