Super Duper Important Question of the Day…

I may not be the most observant of fashion followers but I have seen this look three times now this summer, so god help us all, it must be a new trend. This particular example was on the Isle of Wight, in a place called Ventnor. They were having their annual August street parade, but surprisingly this girl wasn’t in costume.

My super duper important question of the day then is – does anyone on the entire planet think this look is actually attractive or am I officially getting old?

4 thoughts on “Super Duper Important Question of the Day…

  1. This does not surprise me in England. Some, and I say some, English girls have a very “unique” way of dressing that you don’t happily see on the continent….

    • Well I know it’s around in America too, so I’m glad to know some countries haven’t adopted it yet Stephen. Muffin tops were bad enough, I don’t think my eyes could take what the next logical progression would be lol.

  2. Not getting old at all, completely absurd fashion choice. I was please to see the pic make it into the Bum Diaries, seemed appropriate somehow 😉

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