Weird stuff I done seen today #4

I was in Camden yesterday and whipped out my phone to take this snap in the Underground. Unfortunately my phone decided to focus on the shady looking bald guy in the back, but just so we’re clear, or fuzzy as the case actually is, this post is about the slightly overdressed couple in the front of the shot. What you can’t see unfortunately is that the guy’s suit was shiny satin type material and very rock n roll tight. Just use your imagination.

What’s this all about then? Is it…

a) Times are tough and weddings are expensive. You gotta cut corners somewhere.

b) There was a Tim Burton fest on and if you come in costume, tickets are half price. The guy in the back was obviously Uncle Fester.

c) Well… it was Camden… this is probably just what passes as casual dinner outfits for the goths.