An Aussie, a Hungarian, a Russian and a Pom Went Up a Hill

Well if you’re a diligent little blog reader and actually read all the comments of the blogs you peruse, you’ll know that I have a job. Albeit a temporary one. But as Bardon so eloquently put it in those same comments, all jobs, like life, are temporary. In any case, I’m declaring myself still a bum till I get a permanent job and therefore the title and this blog’s raison d’etre is still relevant. Yes, just like your average bonkers cult leader, I like to interpret the written word until it has meaning that suits my purposes. Life’s less disappointing that way.

Now if you only got so far as the title of my last little rant, you may have come to the conclusion that I did in fact resort to creative means to land this little vocational assignment. But you’d be wrong. I may be exploring new professions these days, but the world’s oldest is not among them. Yet.

So why’s it taken me three weeks to write about this stupendous (???) development? Because I’m buggered. Jesus Christ, this getting up and going somewhere every day, pretending to be someone with manners, who doesn’t swear and gives a shit is exhausting!

But there’s plenty more time to moan about that later. Right now I’d like to show you what I did last weekend. I could probably write a little story about the whole day, but I’m just going to post some pics instead. Seriously, words cannot do justice to the beauty of Scotland. Well yeah actually they probably can, but I’m tired and it’s Sunday. We working people need to rest up for the week ahead you know.

So here’s Ben A’an in The Trossachs. The Lochs are Katrine and Archray, but buggered if I know which one’s which. click on the pics if you’re the type of person who likes to check out the little details in life.

This is about 5 minutes in. Cunningly I devised a "I'm being a photographer, you'll thank me later" plan to disguise my need for a rest.

This is about 5 minutes in. Cunningly I devised a “I’m being a photographer, you’ll thank me later” plan to disguise my need for a rest from this ridiculous gradient.

A lovely flat bit through a lovely foresty bit.

A lovely flat bit through a lovely foresty bit.

Don't the trees look spooky in B&W?

Don’t the trees look spooky in B&W?

Almost at the top. almost worth the effort.

Almost at the top. Almost worth the effort.

Good spot for lunch

Good spot for lunch

OK fiiiiiine, that's worth the effort.

OK fiiiiiine, that’s worth the effort.

View from the other side of the summit.

View from the other side of the summit.

Since my friends will no doubt be horrified I put them on my blog, here's me trying to remain incognito on the top of a mountain.

Since my friends will no doubt be horrified I put them on my blog, here’s me trying to remain incognito on the top of a mountain at the very moment I realise my camera is no longer around my neck.

Taking  the road less traveled on the way down.

Taking the road less traveled on the way down.

As you can see, Ben A’an is slightly attractive, and allegedly an “easy” hill climb. Personally I thought I might rupture a lung a couple of times, but I guess they mean it’s a short (1.5 hours) climb and the path is not too challenging since most of it is laid with rocks as steps. Even better, all this stunning scenery is only one and a half hour’s drive from Edinburgh. If I still lived in London, it would have taken that long just to get out of the city.

So if you’re heading north any time soon, make the most of what I’m constantly being told is an astoundingly good Scottish summer and get yourself out into the hills for a day. Just be prepared for the shame of a five year old racing past you as you wheeze and splutter your way to the pay off. Or maybe that was just me…

8 thoughts on “An Aussie, a Hungarian, a Russian and a Pom Went Up a Hill

  1. Very good photographs there, excellent views. Is photography in your line of work?

    Plus you still have the diplomatic skills to not display your emotions or say what you really think and have thus retained your job so far!

    I am planning a lightning visit to the northern hemisphere soon, hopefully I will get to see some good sights as well.

    • Thanks Bardon. Yeah photography is a hobby. I deluded myself I’d be able to make a living from it last year, but then reality hit – it would take way too long to get to the point where I’m making money. I realised I just wanted to keep it as a hobby too. And by ‘realising’ I mean I did some courses and discovered it’s actually a science and you gotta know how the bloody camera works to be really good. It’s writing that I’m going to continue trying to make a living in now. But my work is nothing to do with that, so it’s a bit of a pipe dream.

      If you come to Scotland, I have no doubt you’ll see some spectacular views. The little I’ve done so far has blown me away. Ben A’an was stunning (as you can probably see).

  2. Yes there is even less money and more competition in photography these days, some of my buddies are in that game. Its a bit like journalism more punters chasing less work and all that.

    I have been to Scotland before and love the scenery as well. I tend to get stuck in those little pubs in small towns. You know the ones where they have all the different malts sitting along the top shelf and the challenge for the newbie is to get through the top shelf. After that, even Niddrie would look good.

    All going according to plan I will also be visiting Scotland again on this forthcoming trip, I am going on a bit of cultural trail which will involve Scotland. It will be whistle stop though and I have to fit in with some local folks pace as well.

    • Yeah, typical of me to pick both writing and photography as my passions, two of the most difficult things to get into as a second career in my old age. Shoulda started all this years ago, but oh well. I’ll plod along. Your trip sounds intriguing. It’s a pity it’s whistlestop. Hope you don’t wear yourself out. But then, you’ll have the top shelves of little pubs to help you relax along the way. So Bardon – do you have a blog?

      • No I don’t have a blog. I love other peoples blogs I do. I am an ardent blogee and for the sake of anonymity it probably should stay that way. I am relatively high profile in normal boring life and am always doing some wheeling and dealing in the business community so that precludes me running a blog unless you wanted the party political broadcast on my posts.

        Don’t worry once I retire at 55 in five years time (revealed to much here according to my brief) I shall reveal all, I will then be blog central and watch out for the high impact insider bum intrigue then, until then I will merely comment on the better aspects of other peoples lives.

    • No definitely not politics, you need to be wealthy before you enter that field.

      I actually don’t mind other peoples blogs. I seriously post on about 10 blogs, then there are the sometimes ones and there also some theme blogs that I like, so most of my personal idiosyncrasies can be released in those joints.

      But I take great comfort in holding the historical keys to the sacred secret that there is always the pub if you feel that you really need to talk with someone.

      Either way I shall keep you updated.

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