On yer bike Edinburgh

Surprise surprise I’m still a bum. Things move so slowly in the jobs market here in Edinburgh. I’ve been in the process of going for this one job for a month now and even if I get it, the start date won’t be for another 2 weeks. Cripes. Is it that hard? Do you like me or don’t you? We’re not doing open heart surgery fellas. Just go with your gut.

In the meantime I figured I’d act like I’m on summer holidays during the hours I’m not searching for a job (ie – 8am to 9am). So I bought a bicycle.

I haven’t had a bike since I stopped riding mine in Melbourne after they brought in the mandatory helmet laws. I’m not really one for health and safety. Or looking like I belong in some kid’s Leggo set.

leggo 3

I also figured I’d need somebody with whom to indulge this new hobby so I made friends with a neighbor. Unfortunately, this is what ‘going for a ride’ means to him…


I can honestly say a new friendship has never hurt so much, so quickly. After he promised to pretend I was his granny just out of hospital from her third hip replacement, he took me along the Water of Leith, which you may not know is a river/stream/trickle that runs straight through the middle (and a bit to the left) of Edinburgh.

Most of the path looks like this…


And this…


You can stop off at the Gallery of Modern Art through this cool back entrance.


There’s bridges left over from ye olden railway days…


There’s a bit you can pretend is a waterfall…


And at one point you go past this ugly place… Dean Village.



So there you go, not a bad day’s bumming around; I lived, I’ve got something to write about for my ‘mid-term’ assignment on the course I’m taking to fill in the time when I get bored being a bum and I have a new friend to go riding with. And that’s what friends are for right, to slot into particularly areas in your life where doing them yourself is just no fun?

I thought so.

Now all I need is to find someone who likes to eat out for breakfast, someone who knows how to tell if a coffee is any good and someone who likes to come round to people’s places and do all their housework.

8 thoughts on “On yer bike Edinburgh

  1. Haha that’s exactly what friends are for.

    And hey this is really weird but the exact 3 people I can see who liked your post also came out of nowhere and liked one of mine (I happened to throw in the words ‘diet pills’ randomly). I wonder if they are bots.

    • Weird. I just checked and none of them have blogs, well not that are linked to the ‘like’ email. Probably ‘bots πŸ™‚ How sad, we’re not as popular as we thought πŸ˜‰

  2. Well for what it’s worth, I’M not a bot πŸ˜› Just trolling expat blogs wishing to God I was one of them (I’m an American stuck in, well…America). Any tips for a non-EU citizen to emigrate to Europe?

    That aside, thank you for the little pictoral vacay. There is nothing I love more than Scotland–had the most fantastic vacation of my life there a few years back. Your pic of Dean Village is especially stunning. The yellow building in the background is such a gorgeous contrast against the blue blue sky (which I never saw in 10 days in Scotland, mind you)!

    • Hey Annie Banannie (you know Banana is my favourite word to type). Well I stand corrected. Please accept my apologies. I hereby formerly acknowledge you are indeed a real live human person πŸ˜‰ As for tips to migrate, I’m here on an Ancestry Visa that is a deal with Oz. I’m not sure about Americans. Maybe you’ll just have to come over, have a whirlwind holiday romance and marry a EuroCheck out the types of Visas you can get and see if one fits. But I’m guessing you may have already done that if you have the Euro bug. Dean village is cute isn’t it? I didn’t know about it till i got here. I’m trying to use this summer to explore a lot. Apparently this is the first summer since 2006, well with sun and blue skies. Once I get my bum in gear I’m going to do a Scotland/Edinburgh blog, so check back and I may be able to make you even more jealous! Thanks for the comment matey! Good luck with the migration dream.

    • Yeah I know πŸ™‚ But I think I’ll get lots of material about my ineptitude and total lack of fitness out of that friendship. And quite a few good photos I hope! Oh yeah, and maybe a better cardio system. No idea what he’s gonna get out of this deal though. Someone to laugh at???

      • Hmmm, a boy taking a girl for a long bike rides, what is he getting from that… let me think… nothing comes to mind πŸ˜‰

      • Ah… well… if it was that kinda ride, I’d rather it was a girl taking a girl out πŸ˜‰ Don’t think it’s about that though. He’s just another super friendly Edinburger (via England).

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