Shameless plug – I was just published on the HuffPo.


My latest Planet Ivy article was published on Huffington Post yesterday.Have a read here. It’s entertaining. I promise.

Unfortunately I shot myself in the foot by having a go at people who write (negative) comments on the internet, so I think I’ve scared people off. Editors like lots of comments and discussion I’m told. Oh well, next time. In the meantime, feel free to “like” it. I need to beat 213 likes, currently at 160 🙂

Now if I could just figure out a way to actually get paid for this writing malarky…

2 thoughts on “Shameless plug – I was just published on the HuffPo.

  1. Awesome work! As a long time HuffPo reader I am mightily impressed…. Great article too – clearly toned appropriately for a broad audience, but still wittily erudite. You should be justifiably bursting with pride.

  2. Glenn, you have now earned a whole month’s free accommodation at the Italian villa!! Thanks for the amazing comment. And it’s HuffPo UK so hold off on your impressededness. Need to have some left for when I crack the US one day 🙂

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