Weird Stuff I Done Seen Today #7

Maybe I just don’t spend enough (any) time in playgrounds and maybe this sign is completely normal, but it made me laugh. So perhaps it will appeal to those of you who have no children in your life.

funny signs

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty unfair. Some of us are still in touch with our inner child you know? If we had to go and snatch a child from the park just so we could get into the playground and swing to our heart’s content, I think that might just be counter-productive to what this stupid rule is trying to avoid in the first place.

4 thoughts on “Weird Stuff I Done Seen Today #7

      • Now that’s an idea to get behind! I’m picturing a 13 year old with a snarky disposition – not really a stretch….. “Really, wearing keds? Sooooo aughties, and so not here. Are you like from the Valley?…” Forget the Carrie Diaries, this is an much better concept to capture the ‘tween TV audience! 😉

      • lol I have no idea what Keds are. That must say something about my level of association with kids. I’m assuming shoes, will investigate now??? But anyway, yes that would be hilarious.

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