Every Day is Cat Day, Just Some Days More than Others

Have you noticed how whenever there’s a significant holiday (Xmas, New Year etc) the number of cat-related posts on social media triples? I mean, normally I get one cat joke a day, but around special event days there’s suddenly, like, three. See, that’d be triple.

But what’s with cat posts? Where did they all begin? What does it all mean? Why does nobody on the planet seem to hate them? More curiously, who decided that they must always have that same white, bold font on them and why does the world comply?

So I investigated. One guy tried his hand at a psychological explanation. Read it here if you want, but it covers Freud, Jung, evolution, Greek and Egyptian mythology, female independence, human symbolism… and then I got bored and stopped reading so I have no idea what else.

C’mon mate, it doesn’t take intellectual analysis for this one. It’s easy. Cats are cute. Full stop. Plus, ok sure, his first sentence was all he really needed to write. He said, if you want to be an internet phenomenon, if you want to be re-posted and have more hits than you ever felt possible, say it with a cat.

Really, it’s that simple? A phenomenon you say?

Well… err… does it count if it’s not your own work? Maybe? Well, let’s try this out. Here’s my latest fave cat post then.


And my all time fave videos – I did try to embed these, but I’m not tech savvy enough for that yet it seems. I have however got my head around a hyperlink.

Surprised kitty (67 miiiiiiiiillion views people!!)

Waldo the sleeping kitten.

Cats in Water.

Dreaming kitten.

And I can’t forget the musical cats, can I…

House Cat

house cat

Techno Cat

techno cat

Stoner Rock Cat

stoner rock cat

Hip Hop Cat

hip hop cat

Metal Cats

metal cats

Stevie Wonder Cat

stevie wonder cat

So uhhhh… am I famous yet? Did it work?

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