It’s hip to be hair(y)

I got a little fashion lift-out thingy with the Sunday papers yesterday and I know I’m always a little slow off the mark with these things, but what I saw made me realise it’s time to bring out the “what the?”

What the hellllll is this homeless bum thing boys??

This is apparently not just trendy or cool, it’s risen to a whole other level of nonsensical societal labeling. I’m sure that’s not grammatically correct phrasage (and neither’s that) but I’m going with it. Apparently this look is hipster.

It’s even on the runways…

Ok that’s not a runway, but this is…

Famous people are doing it too…

Seriously… who would kiss that? Oh right… her.

According to the urban dictionary, a hipster is defined thus: Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.

Well I have two words for you shaggy hipsters… Ned and Kelly.

You’re late.

I know fashion comes around again every twenty years or so, but this is more like 120 years fellas. (Actually, looking at Ned’s hair there, he’s kind of on trend with that too isn’t he?) Besides, when a famous person does it, doesn’t that negate the very ethos of the hipster? Doesn’t that take away the edgy, make it mainstream? And besides, Brad Pitt is probably doing it for a movie roll and getting multi-millions for throwing away the Gillette Pro-Glide for a few months.

Really, I think all these guys need to get a grip…. on their razors. There’s only one type of guy who can pull this look off, and until you can wield a mighty staff and come with your own wind machine and back lighting to enhance the drama of your presence, stop being so lazy and shove a bloody razor through it once in a while will ya!

3 thoughts on “It’s hip to be hair(y)

  1. As a decidedly hirsute non-hipster (by age definition alone – sadly) I have to defend (some of) my unshaven bretheren….

    Firstly – Some men can; and some can not – and anyone from the Brooklyn locavore movement should be excluded on the basis of trying too hard (brooklyn + locavore + facial fuzz = definition of overkill…) Your runway examples serve as cautionary tales here.
    Secondly; Ned & Gandalf serve as prime examples of how to do it right – no posing, no manscaping, just outstanding natural growth (OK, so Ian McKellen may be artificially assisted). Thirdly…… oh, why bother. It suits lazy sods like me, and it makes pondering (strokes chin in a contemplative manner) so much more impactful!

  2. Glenn… age aside, your beard hardly ascends the level of unkempt hipsterism (from what I’ve seen in photos anyway) but points taken. And I can see you stroking and pondering an almost hear the mwah ha ha haaaaa’s too.

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