Planet Ivy – You say potato, I say… banana??

I have fiiiiiiiiiinally learnt how to do hyperlinks peoples!! About bloody time, yes I know. So let’s see if it works. Here’s a silly little something I wrote yesterday for Planet Ivy.

If you’re a tech dunce like me, that means click on the pretty blue writing which says Planet Ivy…


4 thoughts on “Planet Ivy – You say potato, I say… banana??

  1. Damn site loads too slow on my company machine – which has enough security to foil a young Matthew Broderick. Anyhoo, been reading your posts on my Mac (Oh Jobs, you were an evil genius….) and me likey (sorry, channeling Ryan). BTW – you really should look into Japanese commodes; there is an entire bathroom culture that was made just for you…..

  2. Ohhhh so that explains the 50 hits from Singapore today… not my sudden soaring popularity in south east Asia, but your malfunctioning pooter. Bum. Actually i think there’s probs with the Ivy website, keeps crashing. Oh and I’ve got my behind problems almost sorted now. I think the major remedy was leaving my job, then just the minor food intolerance issues or seven to sort. But thanks.

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