Weird stuff I done seen today #2

Well ok, it wasn’t quite today, it was the August bank holiday weekend, as in last weekend, ummm, but August last year. Sorry sorry. I’m not being lazy again, I had every intention of making this blog current, and I did actually go to a fun fair today, but I have recently moved to sarf London and the new area is very, errr, genteel, and they didn’t exactly produce the most interesting subjects.

So… here’s a picture. From a year ago.

Gives new meaning to the idea of pacifying the youth

Seriously, what the?? I can’t even begin to think of scenarios for that. No wait, yes I can, cough, ok, does this photo mean:

a) After a lecture from his much older brother about “holding onto his youth”, he went a bit outside the box in his interpretation.

b) In this world of ever widening social boundaries, there’s not much left for kids to do to shock their parents, so infantilism it is.

c) He’s just watched “Bugsy Malone” and gained a whole new vision of how to be a gangsta. He’s actually on his way to a giant cream pie fight in the tent behind the dodgem cars.

All jokes aside, I loved these kids sense of style, their intricate hairdo’s and slightly 80’s Electric Boogaloo fashion sense. I was at high school in the real 80’s and these guys would have put me to shame in a fashion contest. Then again, Ugly Betty in her woolly poncho would beat me in a fashion contest, so that’s not saying much. Maybe it’s because I used to live at the ends of the earth, but at the time when I Ieft Australia there was nothing like this. Honestly, the first couple of days, East London was like landing on a new planet. Or a movie set in the Bronx. We all seem to think of Australia as multicultural (Aussies that is) and it is to a certain extent, but London, man London has let me experience a ridiculous number of cultures in such a short time. I’m constantly meeting people from places I’ve never met people from. And I’m constantly being made to feel ignorant at how limited my world knowledge was. I may not be enjoying the massive population, but I sure am being taught a few things (unfortunately that doesn’t extend to why the kid above has a dummy in his mouth).

The Forest Gate fair is so world renowned, even Diddy drops by when he’s in town.

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